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WordPress Theme for Warez, Movies, Adult Content


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WordPress Theme for Warez, Movies, Adult Content and Mix Posting. Movies WordPress Theme, Software Downloads WordPress Theme, Adult Porn Movies WordPress Theme with Automatic SEO.
KatzDDL designed Theme specially for uploaders of Movies Downloading, Software's Downloading, Games Download Links, TV Series, Music, Ebooks Downloading, Sports, Graphics, Adult Porn Download Links. This theme is WordPress based theme. Will work on any version of WordPress, even you update your new versions of WordPress it works more better on new updates whenever comes.

KatzDDL designed WordPress Theme Requirements:
  • 1- Good Web Hosting
  • 2- Php version 5.6 or any Higher
  • 3- Active SSL on your domain
KatzDDL designed WordPress Theme Features:
  • 01- You can change logo by itself.
  • 02- You can place banner at the top and anywhere you want in theme.
  • 03- You can show as much topics wants to show on homepage as per your requirement.
  • 04- You can show categories in Header as per your desire.
  • 05- You all categories automatically show at the bottom of content area with amazing css box.
  • 06- You can post long titles in Topic or post, but theme will trim it on post listings and search results to give clean and smooth look to visitors.
  • 07- Search function works in amazing way, as you can see the image below with keyword mentioned.
  • 08- You can add your custom menu and friends sites in footer columns.
  • 09- This theme works much faster than other warez themes.
  • 10- If you use text as default and does not use fonts formatting in your topics, your posts will give you real look of KatzDDL Theme posts as mentioned in screenshot 3 below.
  • 11- You can use as much as you want higher resolutions screenshots of your content like movies, tv series screenshots that screenshots images will not disturb the theme and automatically adjust the pictures within content area.
  • 12- Your posts bbcode of downloads links will have slight looks which attracts users towards download links which will be shown in grey box. All downloads links will automatically hyperlinks by our theme which leads your downloads to more sales and give you tracking of sales.
  • 13- Related Posts are also available with the same look of homepage below the each posts.
  • Main and most demanding thing which you need, SEO function for your website, by using this theme your posts will have automatic SEO formula, which will gives you green light of SEO which means your topic has maximum SEO applied to index your post in search engine as quick as. Image available in 3rd screenshot below.

What you need now how to buy this theme and what's include in it?
For that we have made it simple for you as your needs.

Package 1 = 119$
WordPress Theme Files
Logo PSD files.
No Support

Package 2 = 219$
WordPress Theme Files
Logo PSD files.
One Month Support with Complete Theme Installation

Package 3 = 319$
WordPress Theme Files
Logo PSD files.
Three Month Support with Complete Theme Installation

Q: Why you should use this theme for Warez?
A: It is very fast and good theme to adopt, because Its clean and specially designed for warez posting, as per our experience good uploader / Posters can earn easily 500-900$/month while using this theme if you are posting daily more than 150+ topics or posts than this theme is really for YOU.

Q: Which type hosting is required for it?
A: You can use it on any hosting, Plesk, cPanel, Ubuntu, Centos, Webmin, DirectAdmin

Q: Which type content is good for this theme?
A: You can use this theme for Movies, Software's, Games, TV Series, Music's, Ebooks, Sports, Graphics, Adult Porn or ETC (Streaming links not suggested)

Q: How to buy this theme?
A: Communicate with Admin of community or Talk with us on our support area mediums.