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As If Series 2 Episode 4 & Series 4 Episode 15 (hard to find) 2001-2004


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I am looking for two missing episodes of the British Channel 4 show from the 2000's called "As If". Episode 4 of series 2, and episode 15 of series 4.


There is actually a channel on YouTube that has uploaded both of these episodes in three parts....however part 2 of each episode is unfortunately blocked in all countries due to copyright.

I have also found both episodes in full....but dubbed in another language.

There is also a Rapid Gator file I found of Episode 15 of Series 4...but if you download it its actually the wrong episode of the show- its actually Episode 10.


There are also torrents for both episodes out there but they are either dead, are missing these episodes, or its supposedly episode 15 of series 4 but actually its just episode 10.

Anyone that can help me find these episodes, would be greatly appreciated. I have already posted asking for help in about half a dozen other forums like this one. I really enjoy watching this show and finding these two missing episodes would be awesome.

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I tried as well, but seeding is not completed yet, its too much slow right now.