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Hello again TP.. it's been way too long... Last time i was a member here was way way back, i think i was an undergrad then.... 2006? 2007? 2009? so i cant really recall my rank back then. hehe how can i restore that by the way?

Anyways, i saw my favorite thread, the ebooks one, and i see we have little books as compared to way back then... will figure out how to upload some of the downloads i got from here so i can give back to the community.


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Hope you are fine. Just ENJOY the community. yes we have updated many things in new site and improved many things which was not available in old version.

Be a best part of your community with communicating each other. If there is anything we can do, please don't hesitate to ask us. The following links may be useful for you until you find your way around the forum.

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You can enjoy with the latest releases for every day and every weekend. Keep in touch and invite all your friends who are waiting to JOIN us Back


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This will proabally get me banned but what the heck. Why do you say is a pay site and the only thing it has in common with the site we loved is the name. All else is changed,its pretty apparent when the username and password didnt work and we never received an emaiil for the real paradox they were going to shut down.